At Events West, we have a range of specialty machinery to accelerate and expand the deployment of equipment for your event. Whether that be a concert, festival, wedding, conference, or any other kind of event, our equipment can provide whatever you need. We have numerous forklifts for both on and off-road of varying sizes to carry equipment of any size to wherever it may need to be. Additionally, we offer scissor lifts and boom lifts to allow easy access to hard to reach places, as well as Bobcats and excavators to shape the land to your requirements. Our talented staff will ensure safe and efficient usage of our machinery to help you make the best even possible.

We would love to hear from you to talk about your next event and your requirements. Give the Events West team a call about your next Machinery requirements.


Some of the machinery equipment we have available for hire includes:

Bobcat | Electric Forklift | Diesel Forklift | Scissor Lift | Boom Lift | Excavator | Plus much more


Our Hire Inventory will be available here shortly which will have a full list of machinery equipment products available for hire.